Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

The next application cycle for RTP is anticipated in 2018. 
For general guidance, you may refer to the FFY18-19 TAP/RTP FFY18-19 Guide.   
A new Guide should be available when the next application cycle opens.

Application Process

When the application cycle is open, Applicants complete their preliminary application, the Project Feasibility Form
(PFF).  The PFFs are submitted to the SERTPO Program Manager, according to the PFF deadline established
by the SERTPO Committee.  Once the SERTPO Program Manager receives the PFFs, feasibility reviews will be 
scheduled.  Applicants, NMDOT and the SERTPO Program Manager participate in the feasibility review.  Following the 
feasibility review, NMDOT will approve the PFF.  Applicants with an NMDOT-approved PFF will proceed to
complete their final applications.  Complete application packages are due to the SERTPO Program Manager by the
SERTPO-established deadline. 

The SERTPO Program Manager will submit final applications to NMDOT by the established deadline.  The NMDOT 
RTP Coordinator will continue processing applications, statewide, for the Recreational Trails Advisory Board (RTAB) 
project selection.

Recreational Trail Projects in Southeastern New Mexico

Lincoln National Forest Maintenance

Lovington Multi-Use Trail
Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP)
This federal program supports projects that improve transportation facilities giving access to federal lands or projects that are 
situated near or on federal lands.  While FLAP projects may include public roads and transit systems, it also includes 
pedestrian and bicycle facilities which would include trails.  For more information, please visit

Prescription Trails is a program that promotes healthy lifestyles through walking and biking and is managed by the New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes.