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Application Process for Federal Funding

The annual application cycle for the Roadway Program ended February 2017.  
The next Call-for-Projects is anticipated in October 2017.
SERTPO plays a role with local-lead, federally-funded road projects.  SERTPO will issue a Call-for-Projects along with
application due dates, rating criteria and further instructions.  Local governments submit their preliminary applications
for projects to SERTPO.  Road projects must have the eligible functional classification.  Once the preliminary applications  
are received, feasibiity reviews are held with the local governments.  Following  the feasibility reviews, final applications
are prepared and submitted at a later date with presentations held at a future SERTPO meeting.

SERTPO rates and prioritizes its roadway projects and forwards its recommendatins to NMDOT Roswell.  Once the local
NMDOT office makes its selection(s), those projects are programmed into the STIP.  STIP projects must be approved by
the State Transportation Commission, the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.  

For more information, please contact Mary Ann Burr at (575) 624-6131.

Roadway Rating Criteria

Application Process for State Funding
State-funded, local-lead transportation projects are handled out of the NMDOT District 2 Roswell office through its
Local Government Road Fund (LGRF).  The LGRF includes the Municipal Arterial Program (MAP), the County 
Arterial Program (CAP), the School Bus Route (SBR), the Municipal, County and School District Co-op.

For additional information, please contact Sigrid Webb/NMDOT at (575) 637-7239.

New Mexico Road Conditions