Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan         

ICIPs are five year plans.  Each year, there is an ICIP process that local governments follow, using the guidelines established by the Local Government Division of the New Mexico Department of Finance & Administration (DFA), the State agency that coordinates the ICIP process.  Local governments complete updates to their individual ICIP annually.

Entities who participate in the ICIP include New Mexico municipalities, counties, tribes, state agencies and other New Mexico entities such as mutual domestic water associations, soil and water conservation associations, acequias, land grants, flood control districts and water sanitation districts.

The ICIP includes information that describes an individual entity’s planning process, goals, trends, inventory, as well as a summary and details of projects planned for the next five years.  Details include project priority, description, budget, possible funding sources, operating expenses and implementation schedule.  From its total projects that it lists, the entity picks its top five projects that they wish to earmark for funding consideration during the New Mexico January legislative session.   For local governments, ICIPs are usually due October 1, 2012.

The Local Government Division (DFA) compiles the individual ICIPs and makes this information available for the individual entities.  Further, an ICIP publication is distributed to the Legislature, Governor and funding agencies.

► ICIP data is entered onto forms at a website provided by the Local Government Division/DFA.  The web-based system can be accessed at www.state.nm.us/capitalprojects/.  Help with passwords and entering data can be obtained from the Local Government Division and/or the SNMEDD.

► Workshop Notices (training), ICIP Guidelines for local governments and the statewide-compiled 2014-2018 ICIP for Counties, Municipalities, Native American entities and other governmental agencies can be located at http://www.nmdfa.state.nm.us/ICIP.aspx